ENT. GIST: Van Vicker Shades Nollywood Over ‘Mark Zuckerberg In Nigeria’ Poster

9/06/2016 08:01:00 AM

Actor Van Vicker has dropped a not-too-subtle diss at the Nigerian movie industry.
Actually, we find it equally hilarious.
Following the visit of Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria, a movie poster for “Zuckerberg In Lagos” surfaced, starring Vicker as the Facebook CEO.
On Sunday, September 4, the 39-year-old actor shared the image with the caption, “Who did this to me? Lol. #vanvicker #MyLife.”

Van Vicker Shades Nollywood

Opinions on the subject include: timothyluckyonyinyechi who wrote, “Don’t try naija o” and mrs_simmz saying, ” I’m powerless.”
Also carolinekamusewo stated, “Oh my goodness😂😂😂😂 am done with Nollywood.”
Nollywood finds a movie script in everything, which is why they are the foremost hub in African entertainment.
Peep the image and tell us what you think.

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