NAIJA GOSSIP: Mum Sells Unborn Child For N100,000 In Anambra

8/05/2016 11:42:00 AM

Police arrests Woman for selling her unborn child for N100,000 in Anambra state
The Anambra State Police Command has apprehended an unmarried mother of five who has the special taste and addiction to steal and sell children even her unborn child.
The state police on Thursday paraded Chidimma Okorie who confessed to have already sold her unborn child for N100,000.

The 29-year-old, who hails from Amasiri, Ebonyi State also admitted to stealing two three-year-old boys at Umuoji in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, with the connivance of two medical doctors operating private hospitals in the area.
The two medical doctors, Emmanuel Tobechukwu and Cosmos Ugorji, who the police described as accomplices in child trafficking, were also helping the police in their investigations.
While making the shocking confession to the Vanguard Newspaper, Okorie also confessed to have sold two children since she was introduced into the “business” by a woman she identified as an Evangelist.
She said, “I sold the two children for N50,000 each. I am pregnant and the madam (Evangelist) said when I deliver my baby, she would buy it for N100,000. I have five children, but I am not married. I have not sold any of my children, but I have sold two children, starting with the child of a pastor last month.”
She added that the two medical doctors who were helping her in the trafficking already had a ready market through a nurse, who is still at large.
She alleged that the Evangelist brought her along with two other girls from Ebonyi State to Anambra State and took them to a shrine in Asaba where their blood samples were collected for a ritual so that they would not reveal to anybody the type of business they were into.
Speaking on his indictment, Dr Ugorji insisted that he had neither seen her before nor done any transaction with her.
He maintained that one nurse, now at large, was coming to his hospital, located at Awada, Obosi, near Onitsha, for blood tests, adding that he was surprised when the police stormed his hospital and started talking about child trafficking.
On the other hand, Dr. Tobechukwu, who said his hospital was at Nkpor, near Onitsha, admitted that a woman brought Chidimma to his hospital for blood test.
He said: “This woman (Chidimma) has a medical condition, which I would not want to discuss here. She was brought by one woman, who said she was a nurse. I did not document their addresses because we did not do any treatment. What we did was blood test and they left.”
The doctor, who said he was from Enugu State, said he had nothing to do with child trafficking.
Meanwhile, the operatives of state police have commenced further investigation into the matter.

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