ENT. GIST: #ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 12: Of Joint Classes And Humour

8/07/2016 09:29:00 AM

Day 12 of #ProjectFame9.0 saw preparation for the weekend’s performances at fever pitch as members of the faculty and the contestants gave their all to ensure that their acts were near perfect.

The duo of Okiemute and Pere each had a heart-to-heart session with the academy principal, in which both of them individually talked about their worries, challenges and fears with her. She listened attentively and proffered solutions which the both of them were glad to adopt.
One thing all the contestants seem to have learnt is that each of the faculty members brings a different aura and approach to the way they impact knowledge through their teachings in the academy.

This is especially true for Ms. Ige and Uncle Ben, whose individual classes differ due to their personalities and teaching methods. Academy Day 12 of #ProjectFame9.0 was an unusual class however as the contestants got an unexpected combined class of the voice coach and the music director.

The day’s activities had commenced with Ms. Ige, who took the contestants through a mild vocal training exercise that entailed them switching between different notes and exercising their vocal chords. In between the class, Uncle Ben made an unexpected appearance which seemed to make some of the contestants apprehensive.

The fear the contestants have for Uncle Ben was aptly captured by Elizabeth who said “Ms. Ige is calm, and she sometimes pampers us, but even though Uncle Ben is not harsh, he is fierce and will push a contestant till he gets the best out of them.” Uncle Ben showed his fierce side just as Elizabeth had predicted but Ms. Ige was able to help calm the class with intermittent humour.
Despite the fear and apprehension that Uncle Ben brought into Ms. Ige’s class, the class was an interesting one that was filled with serious practical activities, fun and humour for both the faculty members and the contestants.

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