MUSIC: VINO BELLZ - Fine Like An Angel

9/25/2012 04:25:00 PM

This Anambra State God fearing diva is an embodiment of beauty and class. Born Isobel Okosi, VINO BELLZ as she is widely known wakes up in the morning with music on her mind and this leads her through the day.
She has worked with producers like ace music producers like FLIP TYCE and PHAT E and a couple of talented upcoming producers. Her musical role models include Beyonce, Neyo and Bruno Mars. The Afro-Pop and R&B singer draws her inspiration from God.
Her hobbies include listening to music, writing her songs and spending time in the studio recording. She also loves to relax with somebody that means the world to her and watch movies. Her favorite mantra is "Its not how much we give but how much great love we put into giving".
Her debut single "FINE LIKE AN ANGEL" produced by PHAT E is a sonorous R&B tune that calms the nerves.


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