MUSIC: Supersonic Blaze - MAFIPARA

7/02/2012 09:38:00 AM

SUPERSONIC BLAZE AKA Mr How much is money(HMIM) is a versatile artiste
 drenched in the hip-hop culture. Listening to Supersonic Blaze is like
 hearing the different components of music in one artist. Existing in
 the space between modern hip-hop, afrobeat, pop and r&b, his music
 somehow ties tradition together, while placing his own distinct
 personality on it. And in the tradition of the greatest artists, he
 raps (and sings) straight from the heart without hesitation and with a
 commitment to excellence above all, making him a unique artist on the

 Born Precious Ewa, to Strict Parents that wouldn’t allow his ambition
 to become a musician, drown his academics he is currently pursuing a
 degree(audioproduction)at SAE, Dubai. Supersonic Blaze was born in
 Lagos, but he grew up in different countries where his exposure to
 different cultures has helped in moulding him into a versatile
 artiste. His Journey has not been an easy one combining academics with
 music but his focus and determination knows no limit.

 His adventurous nature is one key element that drives him towards his
 desire. His   love for comic books and video games is something he
 doesn’t pretend about and that’s the secret behind his stage name
 Supersonic Blaze; Supersonic is the speed of sound, while Blaze means
 fire. Taking up music professionally in 2010 to establish his career
 as an artiste, he hooked up with music producers that could connect
 with his multi-layered style of music and express it through their
 well-crafted beats. He started the recording process which has so far
 delivered many songs and has also improved his
 rapper/singer/songwriter identity. “I’m a rapper and singer at heart
 and as a producer I understand that the instrumental is a fundamental
 part of a song . In 2011 he dropped a mix tape titled “SUPERSONIC
 HYDRO Vol.1” a compilation of free style sessions laced with classic
 hip-hop instrumentals which received a lot of credible reviews.  This
 year he wooed the commercial market with two singles EBAENO AND
 MAFIPARA which are enjoying airplay on radio and DJ mixes.

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