MUSIC: IKEBE by Jayvic & Jahilez Feat BNice + Like A Stranger

7/20/2012 02:12:00 PM

The duo of Jayvic and Jahilez are from Africa but they met in London and the rest is history, Jayvic is from Nigeria while Jahilez is from D.R Congo. Their first joint single “Like a stranger” that is presently generating reviews and  is from their debut album titled “LONDON TO AFRICA”. With new video

Still basking in the euphoria of their debut single, they decided to wow us again but this time with Bnice on the hit track titled "Ikebe" produced by Nigerian based young super producer VTEK. The song is a fusion of Naija pidgin and Congolese Zouk, making waves in london and a few African countries already.The song is set to rule the airwaves and clubs the world over soon, with the rich lyrics and dancable beat that would get any listener to the dance floor at first play.

Presently the musical twins of Jayvic and Jahilez are touring the UK and are ready to bring their distinctive style to the African music scene to further help put African music on the international scene. They are proud of their African roots and to this end are representing Africa to the maximum. Jayvic and Jahilez collaboration with Bnice on Ikebe produced by VTEK would set you on thick adrenaline that you would not know when you start twisting your waist to the jam.

Jayvic and Jahilez are set to tour the country soon, they are also working on their forthcoming album and a target release date of 2012-13 set. 
Check their official website for more information 
Together they are known as Jayvic&Jahilez.

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