MUSIC: Dr Sankty FT Simi - Don't Catch Me

7/04/2012 09:16:00 AM

Riding on Dr Sankty's monster beat in this 3rd page of the Producer Diaries is none other than the uniquely gifted Simi (Ara Ile, Emi L'Onijo), who lends her lush vocals to this joint to create something of a true marvel. The jam is tagged "Don't Catch Me", and it mashes up strains of Synth Pop, Electro, Hip Hop, and Soul with an Afro-centric core rhythm. The end result is a true groove that will certainly make your ears smile!



A true embodiment of multi-faceted ness, this part-rapper, part-medical doctor, part-producer/audio engineer and part-so many other things, is steady gaining a foothold in the minds of many across the globe. Having projected his brand into the industry with his hugely successful debut video single, “I No Send U”, which garnered worldwide airplay and rave nods from such rotations as SoundCity, X2D, Channel O, & MTV Base, he then followed up with an independent street/online release of a mixtape, “Declassified, The Prequel”, a project that birthed such hits as “Soro Soke”, “iRun”, and several other potent cuts, released under the TowerGate Records imprint. Currently, he is on the verge of shooting several more videos, as he shuttles between clinic hours, concerts, blogging for Club X, and undertaking production jobs for fellow artists, being cooked up in 17-17 AudioLaB, his very own sound kitchen.


Rapper/Producer/Writer/Medical Doctor, Dr Sankty, gives the word ‘versatility’ a whole new definition altogether
If the Naija music scene were to be regarded as an ailing patient in desperate need of medical attention, then undoubtedly, few would be more qualified to administer a live-saving injection or a much needed CPR than rapidly rising hip hop revelation Dr Sankty. Armed with just as much clinical skill in the consulting room as the capacity to move a crowd on stage, spit ferocious spirit healing lyrics in the booth, and cook up banging beats behind a  production console, this twenty something year graduate of Unilag will definitely see to it that the industry gets its fair share of rap prescriptions!
Born as an 80s baby named Oluseyi Ayankogbe to a medical doctor father and lawyer mother, Dr Sankty always knew he had a flair for the arts, and loved music, though on a rather more passive level at the time, being more well known for novel writing, stage drama, and drawing back in his secondary school days. Yet he set his sights on becoming a full-fledged medical doctor, and armed with the A-grades to back that desire, soon landed in medical school, only to be confronted with a new discovery that his real passion lay in hip hop music, production and rapping, as he discovered his talents right in the midst of strenuous long lecture hours, cutting up cadavers, and medical and surgical rotations. He initially began as a deejay for campus parties, serving up club credible alternatives to party loving folks who shunned the popular but rather sometimes explicit, sensuality-laced mainstream tunes of the day, earning him the label “DeeJay Sanktifyed”. Honing his talents in music further and further, he set to work recording his first ever full length project, “Going Public”, ably aided in its production by two close allies, Dr Aibet, and Dr Tenstrings, Although it won him many fans and warm acclaim on campus, the rapper regarded it more as an experiment, and one that would set the stage for what was to come later on.
Upon graduation, he was picked up by indie label TowerGate Records (of Win X Entertainment) after a talent-scouting audition and became their first ever sign-on, after a year of intensely reprocessing his style-and stage name-to suit standard industry sensibilities. Soon after, his ground-breaking classic video“I No Send U”, hit the airwaves worldwide, and was the subject of much acclaim in and out of industry circles, debuting remarkably high on several video charts, and left many in debate as to whether he was actually a real doctor or not.
Since then, Dr Sankty has graced a number of stages and featured on the same artist roster for events that have also starred the likes of Kefee, Jesse Jags, Rooftop MCs, BOUQUI, H-Man, Protek and TB-One, to name just a few. He has also released a string of singles and remixes online, available as free mp3 downloads at this link

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