MUSIC: Dampte - Bamidele (Follow Me Home)

7/23/2012 08:46:00 AM

London, United Kingdom – Dampte is thrilled to announce the release of the latest single “Bamidele (Follow Me Home”}, The single “Bamidele (Follow Me Home)” becomes available everywhere on 23rd July, 2012

 Dampte is mostly remembered for his monster hit “wine your Tinkolo” that made it to various charts in Nigeria and Beyond in 2010.

The track “Bamidele (Follow Me Home)” is a deviation from the norm as Dampte hooks up with Platinum Producer Dapse on this track. It is also suggested that Dampte and Dapse have teamed up as partners in the re-branding process of dampte for the African Market.

Dampte can be heard singing outright on the track. The word "Bamidele" has its origin in the Yoruba tribe of the western part of Nigeria. It means "follow me home" As expected, Dampte in the track seeks to woo the ladies and enjoin them to come home with him.

A very dance-able and up tempo track that many critics has given their nods to

He also released his debut album “Los Gidi Certified” in 2011 with mixed reviews.

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