MUSIC: Tonii - Making Money

7/31/2012 07:59:00 AM

Tonii first caught our attention in 2010 as a finalist on the first
 ever Nigerian Idol show where she blew us away with the richness in
 her tone and power of her range. She went on to various performances
 and collaborations including her enthralling vocal performance on
 'Coming Home' with MI on the Illegal Music 2 mix tape. A mezzo-soprano
 singer who never fails to give an impressive delivery of live
 performances, Tonii epitomizes true talent and a perfect example of an
 idea whose time has come. Her music style is a rich hybrid of soul,
 R&B, pop and afrobeats. She aims to make fun, entertaining music
 backed with substance and soul.

 She presents you with her newest single, a dance track- Making Money -
 produced by @dchopstix.

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