6/27/2012 03:37:00 PM

Stage Name: Enormoss
Real Name: Eniola Olatunji
Born in Maidudguiri into a family of 6, to a banker father and to a mother who was a nurse, Enormoss has two elder brothers and an elder sister. He lived up north for a couple of years before moving to Ibadan and later to Lagos. He had his secondary education in Federal Government College, Ogbomosho and is currently a final year student of Biology in the University of Agriculture Abeokuta (UNAAB).

Enormoss has always loved good music and could be spotted as a kid performing his Michael Jackson impersonation at every birthday party he went to. He grew up listening to a diverse mix of music from pop to the indigenous sounds of high life. His entry into entertainment was as a break-dancer in Secondary School competing in inter-school dancing competitions. He however experienced an epiphany the day he heard Nas's Stillmatic and became an incurable hip-hop head ever since then. Enormoss started listening to all the hip-hop albums he could lay his hands on, from the old school greats like Rakim, KRS One, Run-DMC to the New School giants like Talib Kweli, Nas, JayZ, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.
Enormoss is the original “Naija Club Boy”, fun loving, laid-back, suave and with attitude to spare.

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