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“My.Ways.Are.Kryptic is basically about the M.W.A.K Movement. This is about making beautiful music in one’s own unique way. If you have your mind set to a certain goal then you can achieve it and make people wonder how you managed to pull that off in the presence of everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, uncles and aunties, Roséy Records hereby present to you Project M.W.A.K the mixtape by the Kryptic Kidz. The group consisting of 3 young talented boyhood friends (Sexy J, Mizzle and Brieff Cabbana), who have spent the last two years grinding it out in the very rigid music industry.

This mixtape will definitely show to all and prove to some that the Kryptic Kidz are here to stay and shouldn’t be taken likely. After listening toProject M.W.A.K there is no doubt it will linger in your heart that the Kryptic Kidz are amongst one of the best ever group trio currently in the industry, with the collection of songs they have put together for the mixtape.

 These artists are dedicating this mixtape to all their fans who have been behind their music from the first ever song they released till now and also to future fans that will definitely fall in love with the mixtape.
Project M.W.A.K (My.Ways.Are.Kryptic) is about defining your own path and creating your own path and style in your own unique way.

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