6/16/2012 05:41:00 PM

J.Mulla aka J.Money is not playing and is going 100 with his music. Currently in the States, working harder on his music, J.Mulla promised to drop new material every Friday to gather hype for his new EP "Sounds Like A Rap Album" and is doing just that. Here's another joint titled "Crank It Up" off the FREESTYLE FRIDAY compilation and he goes hard on this one. follow @withjmoney on twitter. Download, listen, enjoy and Share.

About J-Mulla

J-Mulla formely known as J-Money is a guy who started off in the game by releasing series of underground material that got his name buzzing locally and gradually getting his name in the mouths of some top dogs.

  Starting off officially, J-Mulla worked with Knight House in 2007 and did several jobs in their studio and pushed those records to get him known by schools around getting him little shows to express his music.

  On hustling and staying consistent, he met up with the God Father himself OJB and hopped on OJB's remix "Dont Let Me Down" and did justice to the record. He recorded a single there called "Mogbona" ft Danny Vibes and the track got in the ears of the industry and got J.Mulla shows and recognition. Jumping from label to label, J.Mulla saw love from the Ikonic family where he worked with Durella for some time but found out that the label wasn’t ready for him and moved on. During the time he met up with Terry Tha Rapman and recorded the hiphop classic tune called "Got Em Going" which captured M.I during a performance at Koko Lounge were M.I said "keep it up".

  Presently J.Mulla is working on various projects and dropping constant music called "Freestyle Friday" were he is dropping free music every Friday to build up hype around he upcoming E.P called "Sounds Like A Rap Album"

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