Interview With FunnyBone ( I weep everyday for jaytown,..the Govt has failed us bt God will not let his pple down)

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NOTE: In this interview shorthand writing "ACTIVATED", so don't LOL

Afrik: #:-s finally finally, I don catch the busy man, he is no other person but Funnybone, oga sir, how has it been

Funnybone: Lol..bro itz bin all gud menn n we are trying to be big n successfully. Comedy as u kwn is a serious bizness n we ar doin it

Afrik: Na so, could you introduce yourself to the audience officially

Funnybone: My name is stanley chibunna aka funnuybone,proudly ibo boy n waz born n bred in kd croc city acquired my degree in jaytown n am in lagos now to decree..of course I am a standup comedian n a showbizz person in general.

Afrik: Wow, nice1, kd-j twn-lasgidi, why did it all end up in Lagos

Funnybone: Menn lagos is the head quarter ov entertainment in nijaa oh n basically the media is situated here,lastly I want to rob shoulders wiff the very best

Afrik: Before we go too far, can you kindly tell us how the comedy tin all started

Funnybone: Kk.. Comedy for me started frm my mother womb were I stayed for 12months,I started off as a dancer I used to mime julius agwu's songs as a musicomedian, from dere I developed into acting n later music n here I am now as funnybone..

Afrik: Haleluya, wow, means u tested all the entertainment circle before settling with comedy. Nice, we watched several editions of Opa Williams Nite of a Thousand Laffs, Julius Agwu Crack Your Rips and lots of other comedy show, could you tell us your most embarrassing moment (comedy wise)

Funnybone: Lol..oboy dis question tough oh I think my most embarassin moment waz with eugenia Abu during her book launch in jos,she didn't giv me the chance to express myself bt I got a second chance to correct that impression..I really can't forget dat day

Afrik: (Smile), you were a guest art in the London version of Crack Your Rips (2010) and according to our source the crowd were asking for more, how did you feel cos that's not the usual crowd (9ja)

Funnybone: At first I waz so scared n felt I wasn't goin cut across,bt funke akindele n julius agwu said boy jst go n do ur tin, I went on stage n behold it waz off da hook..

Afrik: Apart from great Julius and yourself, who is your next best comedian and your reason

Funnybone: ‎​Oboy dat question tough I must confess Basketmouth is sombodi I respect a lot n the Guy is on top ov his Game now n I giv it to him,bovi is anoda creative dude,Gandoki,I go dye the list is long oh..oh boy evribodi is gud in his own way menn

Afrik: Less we forget, for d records could you tell us what award you won during your activities as a comedian

Funnybone: I hav won several awards bt I love n cherish one the most..datz the best new comedian diamond awards for comedy.2008\2009.

Afrik: Oya your time don reach for you to tell us who b dat sis wey dey giv u sleepless nite (compulsory answer o)

Funnybone: Oboy.. Seriously derz nobody for now bt I promise u wil be the first to kwn wen am set

Afrik: Chai, ok o, let's leave it that way. As a j twn rep. What do you think of the current situation in Jos

Funnybone: Seriously speakin I weep everyday for jaytown,a small town dat once housed the very best set ov entertainers in nijaa now a dead zone..the Govt has failed us bt God will not let his pple down.. I am forever Jostified

Afrik: Kk, so what should we be expecting from funnybone 2011

Funnybone: Hmmm.. U guyz should expect a beta n a more matured funnybone..this is my year ov Accomplishment

Afrik: We thank you once more for your time, and wish u lots of laffter dis season

Funnybone: Ur welcome n tanx to u too for comin my way

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